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Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht a38f3048639b455226b055b9f1764f7e54ed4810 a38f3048639b455226b055b9f1764f7e54ed4810 wms/s: Special case "MainWindow" instead of "buddylist" window

This patch changes the sample window manager from demonstrating
specially handling a window named "buddylist" to handling one named
"MainWindow" instead.  This is an additional change in order to make
the sample window manager more generic and less bound to its
libpurple roots. The keyboard shortcut was kept as Alt+B as I
couldn't find a more appropriate alternative which wasn't already
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht 216209ee8d5f2f4381ec0994676a6259f9917841 216209ee8d5f2f4381ec0994676a6259f9917841 Drop now-unused PURPLE_AVAILABLE meson variable
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht b0ffb602e7e5e828a0a5d9ffa4d188af3fbe8f78 b0ffb602e7e5e828a0a5d9ffa4d188af3fbe8f78 wms/s: Remove libpurple dependency from sample wms

As far as I could tell, wms/s.c is a sample window manager, made
to demonstrate how to use various features of libgnt. Therefore,
it's a little silly to depend on libpurple functionality for it.
This patch removes the dependency of libpurple from the sample wms
by changing it from trying to toggle the buddy list visibility upon
pressing the keyboard shortcut, to simply presenting any window
named "buddylist".

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