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Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht ac9648de2f4f0976f03d6e25aea95dbea5b9b92c ac9648de2f4f0976f03d6e25aea95dbea5b9b92c libpurple: Remove PURPLE_PLUGINS define from purple.h

The PURPLE_PLUGINS definition in purple.h is no longer needed now
that nothing uses it. This patch removes it, the PLUGINS_DEFINE
configuration data which was used to add it, and moves the
purple_h_conf configuration data variable into libpurple/
as nothing else in the root file uses it.
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht b117963f4ff8c653638661560c58b5c12662a755 b117963f4ff8c653638661560c58b5c12662a755 meson: Update plugins option to reflect what it now does

Previously, the 'plugins' option would toggle libpurple plugin
support. Now that libpurple's plugin support is required, the
'plugins' option instead merely toggles building plugins
(including prpls). Ultimately we probably want an option for
toggling the building of plugins and a separate one for prpls,
but that can come later. This patch updates the description of
the 'plugins' option to better reflect what it now does.
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht 88678727cf168256c25289a4faa8aabf5b78392b 88678727cf168256c25289a4faa8aabf5b78392b meson: Make GPlugin a hard dependency for libpurple

In order to make plugin support in libpurple required, this patch
makes GPlugin a hard dependency. Since static plugins have been
removed, libpurple isn't very useful without it.
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht c76b490124cc3435331902c79d29a0cb83dd1649 c76b490124cc3435331902c79d29a0cb83dd1649 meson: Remove PURPLE_PLUGINS define from config.h

Now that references to the PURPLE_PLUGINS define have been removed,
we can safely remove it from config.h. This patch does so.
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht b1272e3a1c559b7aaeb224c7bce921d63914174c b1272e3a1c559b7aaeb224c7bce921d63914174c Remove guards around GPlugin functions and libpurple plugin API

This patch drops #ifdef PURPLE_PLUGINS guards around GPlugin functions
and libpurple API now that GPlugin and libpurple plugin support are
both required.

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