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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich b4dff22932fce3f368007f3beb2ce12538a84546 b4dff22932fce3f368007f3beb2ce12538a84546 Merged in GNode2 (pull request #15)

Fix N-ary tree data handling

Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade
Approved-by: Gary Kramlich
Olaf Hering Olaf Hering 131a1c8978b9faf818719f1f1f06d26fc275a9ca m 131a1c8978b9faf818719f1f1f06d26fc275a9ca Fix N-ary tree data handling

gplugin_file_tree_free_leaves frees elements of type GPluginFileTreeEntry.
gplugin_file_tree_new creates a mix of GPluginFileTreeEntry and GNode.
The result is a segfault because g_free deallocates something that
was not allocated.

Fix this by always storing elements of type GPluginFileTreeEntry into
the tree of GNodes. Adjust gplugin_manager_real_refresh to always
work with elements of GPluginFileTreeEntry when constructing paths.

Adjust gplugin_file_tree_free_non_leaves to work with elements of
type GPluginFileTreeEntry, and skip the root node to avoid a warning
from gplugin_file_tree_entry_free.

Since all nodes are the same, use a single function to free leaves
and non-leaves.

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