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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 8bef9b3f0bd148190e24f3ded80752000f7097e3 8bef9b3f0bd148190e24f3ded80752000f7097e3 Merged in develop/asan (pull request #12)

Fix various memory issues

Approved-by: Gary Kramlich
Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade 3418e24e08424eabc91f0e46f915e4f10a4c0f8a m 3418e24e08424eabc91f0e46f915e4f10a4c0f8a Fix various leaks in Python loader (hopefully).

These were mostly done by hand, based on the new/borrowed reference annotation
in the docs. Unfortunately, since we never deinitialize the interpreter, asan
still says most of these things leak.
Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade 08abb4bde2d47fd3c1664c5994aa82e6eb75d9c9 m 08abb4bde2d47fd3c1664c5994aa82e6eb75d9c9 Fix leak of gplugin_plugin_get_filename results.

It's not a const char. The change from hash insert to hash replace is so that
the pointer of the new key stays valid for the rest of that block.
Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade dfc5a2328fce94dac21b93b84e82b0fc55a81452 m dfc5a2328fce94dac21b93b84e82b0fc55a81452 Fix leaks of regex results.
Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade a164b787bc7de15fb042eb53b8f934dbd7193ae4 m a164b787bc7de15fb042eb53b8f934dbd7193ae4 Fix leak cleaning up file tree.

The root node *never* has ->data set to anything, so freeing the tree never

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