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db0d1998fea45fc97b095f1f085ca0865a9e0e60 db0d1998fea45fc97b095f1f085ca0865a9e0e60

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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich db0d1998fea45fc97b095f1f085ca0865a9e0e60 db0d1998fea45fc97b095f1f085ca0865a9e0e60 Merge 0.28.1 into default
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich b5c76b26f19a6341173261493e93360d92e9968b m b5c76b26f19a6341173261493e93360d92e9968b Added tag v0.28.1 for changeset 85f1c51427fe
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 85f1c51427fe6ad61aa43fb2724e994fe234383a m 85f1c51427fe6ad61aa43fb2724e994fe234383a Bumping the version and setting the release date
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 07b8bbe1258eaf84bf9efc26b2fcc26b4806e242 m 07b8bbe1258eaf84bf9efc26b2fcc26b4806e242 Clean up a few warnings due to a vfunc signature change
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 2ec14d3d2b993e9829e824b1167ffe442a5d3281 m 2ec14d3d2b993e9829e824b1167ffe442a5d3281 Update the ChangeLog

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