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Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht d30abd418ba07c4ff95c4c13e852774686c280af d30abd418ba07c4ff95c4c13e852774686c280af minidialog: Add missing closing tag to <entry> block
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht 64bf48e2316033a502a12f128f01cb825e0aa5e0 64bf48e2316033a502a12f128f01cb825e0aa5e0 Fix Facebook documentation pointing to a missing version.xml file

The Facebook protocol plugin documentation was attempting to point to
a version.xml file in doc/reference/protocols/ which wasn't being
generated. This caused its documentation to fail to build. This patch
removes the remnants of that and has it point to the libpurple
version.xml as it doesn't make sense to have a separate protocol
version to me as is.
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht 3f692cf40bbb86855dd43665a18b77b0d7bba8a9 3f692cf40bbb86855dd43665a18b77b0d7bba8a9 Fix pidgindebug.[ch] documentation link and section information

The documentation for pidgindebug.[ch] wasn't being picked up due
to the xml still pointing to gtkdebug.[ch]. The section information
of the file was also still derived from gtkdebug.[ch]. This patch
fixes both of these issues.