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Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade 11b8909ec28790c267a7bc4fec9993f7946ed8c1 11b8909ec28790c267a7bc4fec9993f7946ed8c1 Add an option for disabling docs.
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 75e4462381d562101bce4512eae85cf44d98728d 75e4462381d562101bce4512eae85cf44d98728d Name space SAFE and CONSTCH because gobject-introspection was complaining even after marking them as skip
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 9df20fd5a256e873d6c3b40ea42db78d27a5ce6a 9df20fd5a256e873d6c3b40ea42db78d27a5ce6a remove some unnecessary flower boxes in gntbindable.h
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 8e797d173483c9263a0f3e4a0b68deb9e8b0c1f3 8e797d173483c9263a0f3e4a0b68deb9e8b0c1f3 Merged in default (pull request #89)

Clean up the remaining pvs-studio findings

Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich ed46cdad68e906f280282936e718330359050612 ed46cdad68e906f280282936e718330359050612 Revert the gnt_text_view_next_line change and tell pvs-studio to ignore it

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