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8cc135e7fcc477223ef76f8e7886811af5d0f586 8cc135e7fcc477223ef76f8e7886811af5d0f586

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Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade 8cc135e7fcc477223ef76f8e7886811af5d0f586 8cc135e7fcc477223ef76f8e7886811af5d0f586 Add a test link to sample files.
Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade a81cfea6a377652628d9ad6c2d5e062930a1b6f3 a81cfea6a377652628d9ad6c2d5e062930a1b6f3 demo: Add names to file filters.
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich e5e2a793b7254cde97917a0766db48110feb4147 e5e2a793b7254cde97917a0766db48110feb4147 Merged in default (pull request #29)

Move to gnome.mkenums_simple.

Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich ab765b13af42a457389f3fc8edd868fe31f01bfa ab765b13af42a457389f3fc8edd868fe31f01bfa install the header to the proper location
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich c4b07dfd0db9a8a9ff65e0bf46e6f2479477f8ad c4b07dfd0db9a8a9ff65e0bf46e6f2479477f8ad Merged in default (pull request #27)

Add API to page up/down in the history widget.

Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade

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