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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich c21412136b32bae5f46efc88e7fbb7070c2822b8 c21412136b32bae5f46efc88e7fbb7070c2822b8 Merged in default (pull request #33)

initial transifex setup

Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich b86efad34a8008b9f8a5e5162dc2a85efdfc84af b86efad34a8008b9f8a5e5162dc2a85efdfc84af update po/LINGUAS for the reduced translations as well
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich dff1aac5367f5dd4bd34e6d71fce3e31aee18722 dff1aac5367f5dd4bd34e6d71fce3e31aee18722 Remove all po files that have less than 1% translated
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich afae1ddf5651a7580726d308428c7d52886b1363 afae1ddf5651a7580726d308428c7d52886b1363 Throw the translations on the libtalkatu0 package.  This should be moved to a common package in the near future but this was faster at the moment
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 9c582ae3a71c794153daffdc342c095196d8b3da 9c582ae3a71c794153daffdc342c095196d8b3da Make the debian dependencies a bit easier to follow

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