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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 04d9c8e5cb95211f1c3eb4bf5b84f67f10dad3b7 04d9c8e5cb95211f1c3eb4bf5b84f67f10dad3b7 Remove the array annotation as it messes up the gir file and causes typelib generation to fail as the parameter name ends up being "<varargs>"
Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade d27f187aca344340caac6c2f0430bdc60a9ee4ed d27f187aca344340caac6c2f0430bdc60a9ee4ed Add a migration guide, based on GTK's.

This replaces ChangeLog.API. Much of the boilerplate text is from GTK,
though it's been modified to only contain information applicable to
this project.
Elliott Sales de Andrade Elliott Sales de Andrade 8ebf70041b89e971674f603cc8e68deaff384f8b 8ebf70041b89e971674f603cc8e68deaff384f8b Fix docs for GNT_ENTRY_CHAR.
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 9f83881789eabc4b6054587b9150205632e47b7a 9f83881789eabc4b6054587b9150205632e47b7a Merged in default (pull request #80)

Hide GntFile entirely, plus related cleanup

Approved-by: Gary Kramlich
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich e84f0dfdd1236aa76fb8d1add105b7f6301c832f e84f0dfdd1236aa76fb8d1add105b7f6301c832f Merged in default (pull request #79)

Hide more deprecated symbols.

Approved-by: Gary Kramlich

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