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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 99eb3810835cbb67b3304ac558010e6ff6ada025 99eb3810835cbb67b3304ac558010e6ff6ada025 Merged in default (pull request #38)

The history buffer was defaulting to a normal GtkTextTagTable which was breaking stuff.

Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich c3fb6f78910f485dd9fd8ea773d893f6b74c9183 c3fb6f78910f485dd9fd8ea773d893f6b74c9183 Merged in default (pull request #36)

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Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich f2cd514558413c3598e1f5b31160286c4628e132 f2cd514558413c3598e1f5b31160286c4628e132 Fix a typo
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich da9584b1bef61dd234b9eb4c788f045eb2a4c4ed da9584b1bef61dd234b9eb4c788f045eb2a4c4ed Initial draft of the totally untested release process
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 26872b0faa4e643f20568f2aa2571dadad436173 26872b0faa4e643f20568f2aa2571dadad436173 Add a basic ChangeLog entry

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