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b31d43a011323108858c2a259d5ca1e29249179b b31d43a011323108858c2a259d5ca1e29249179b
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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich b31d43a011323108858c2a259d5ca1e29249179b b31d43a011323108858c2a259d5ca1e29249179b Add some additional tags for rendering more complex documents in pidgin
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht d6cca556175d64c8c91ade5979887b05a988a419 d6cca556175d64c8c91ade5979887b05a988a419 Define TALKATU_COMPILATION instead of __GI_SCANNER__ guards

This patch removes __GI_SCANNER__ guards in favor of adding
TALKATU_COMPILATION to the gnome.generate_gir() call. Generating the
GIR is, in effect, part of the Talkatu compilation, so we can do this
for cleaner, fresher headers.
Mike Ruprecht Mike Ruprecht b94b0d468ffb40d0fefbe0da1ea7c33def398759 b94b0d468ffb40d0fefbe0da1ea7c33def398759 Add '--quiet' option to gnome.generate_gir() calls

Adding the '--quiet' argument to gnome.generate_gir() silences
informational build output such as what g-ir-scanner was called with.
Gtk and others do this, so why don't we as well?
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich ec2fe8c8e08211b1784d237bb12789a79ce9294c ec2fe8c8e08211b1784d237bb12789a79ce9294c we should be cleaning up fedora 29 as well...

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