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1b7433db5cd54b82abfad3859db10c7bb431cedc 1b7433db5cd54b82abfad3859db10c7bb431cedc
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Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 1b7433db5cd54b82abfad3859db10c7bb431cedc 1b7433db5cd54b82abfad3859db10c7bb431cedc Merged in default (pull request #6)

The start of more advanced rendering

Approved-by: Elliott Sales de Andrade
Approved-by: John Bailey
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 89051b95f85952100c19c10156093f12ae055d20 89051b95f85952100c19c10156093f12ae055d20 Fix some mixed whitespace
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 8dc9cf31d5c458aa424d2b2000547c7db3656ec3 8dc9cf31d5c458aa424d2b2000547c7db3656ec3 Move includes in talkatutag.h before we use the symbols defined in them
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 1a5ea0e5a4bcf1a56489d2cb58fed3a812cea9bd 1a5ea0e5a4bcf1a56489d2cb58fed3a812cea9bd fix a grammatical error in a comment
Gary Kramlich Gary Kramlich 091004846c34bc9e2f85035933a03c13b9a041c1 091004846c34bc9e2f85035933a03c13b9a041c1 Correctly sort the enum headers

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